How it works

The data we use

Your business is dynamic and complex, and so are the E-commerce platforms you sell on. To tame that complexity and drive better predictions about your business, we can leverage the data that these platforms already collect.

When you give Kozu access to specific data from your seller account, you enable insight you won’t find in your seller dashboard, or with most other tools on the market–Kozu uses your data to train machine learning models that give you predictions, alerts, and recommendations about how to run your business more effectively.

We only collect the minimum amount of data we need, and you can review with us at any time the data we currently have from your account. Our security and privacy-protection practices are state-of-the-art, so you can be confident that your business data will remain secure.

  • Seller performance metrics
    Such as Amazon's Account Health Rating and Order Defect Rate
  • Sales data
    The number of units you have sold, your total revenue, returns, and other data related to your product sales
  • Listing data
    The data used in your E-commerce platform's catalog to advertise your products--title, keywords, specifications, etc.
  • Buyer reviews
    The public reviews that buyers of your product have left for you over time. We run a sentiment analysis algorithm to alert you of emerging issues with buyer satisfaction.

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